Monthly Archives: June 2021

Allen Shadd and Kristen Holloway Duo

I’m excited to tell everyone about my latest musical endeavor. As a musician the year 2020 was such a big disappointment for me, and to so many others. And there were also many personal setbacks. And yet, at the end of the year I have had the fortune to become involved with the most satisfying musical collaboration that I can remember being a part of. I’ve known Kristen for nearly 30 years and admired her musical contributions to the local Tampa area group Gypsy Wind for nearly as long. In the fall she and I began discussions about playing a tribute together for our mutual friend Billy Sandlin, who passed on in October of 2020. Once we sat down together and recorded late in the year, we both felt that we shared so many ideas, and that we should continue with our new musical creation. So in the past 6 months we have recorded several videos together that range from the classic “What a Wonderful World”, to one of my own original songs “Miles From the Hard Road”. We have also recorded music together with John Cowan, and have talked about more with John in the future. Our music spans different genres, and personally for me, playing behind such a gifted flutist has allowed me to concentrate on styles that I haven’t really had the opportunity to delve into in the past. The material we are currently working on continues to push me outside my usual boundaries. I am excited to bring this duo to the stage, and hope you will join us at one of our shows soon! We have already performed a couple of shows, and have several booked ahead throughout this year. And you can find some of our videos on my YouTube channel of course, . So please, be looking for our music, come see us at a show, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy performing it together!